Surf in Paradise

Eat and Drink Like Kings

Sleep in the Clouds


We will accompany You down your path of discovery and promise an unforgettable, unique and personal luxury travel experience. If you’re not a Surfer or don’t want to try, we guarantee that you´ll enjoy travelling with us SurfWineTours style. Be ready for one adventure after another, amazing wines, exquisite dining, 5 star treatment and hospitality, always in private and all inclusive. No wallets and not a single moment of worry. Take time to stage your memories… We, at SurfWineTours fully respect your trust and hence strive to ensure that this vacation is not only special, but all about You & only You! Life is far too short not to start writing that new chapter, so what better time than now? We will go slowly… Need an alibi? We`ll solve that with ease and flexibility! Welcome home!

Surf and Drink 365(6) days a year!!

This is not an exaggeration, since the extensive Portuguese coast offers great waves every day, it all depends on your skill and enthusiasm… about wine, it goes the same way… a unique and differentiating proposal based on diversity and singularity, an excellent value for money with an unquestionable international reputation.


I’ve traveled the world, & never have I met a more exquisite soul than Mário Vidal. Gracious, knowledgeable, absolutely reliable, patient, & more than anything, kind – he’s your ideal host & guide to help you explore this wonderful corner of the planet: Portugal 🇵🇹.

No need for you to plan, to research – just contact him at Surf Wine Tours, tell him how many days & what things you like, & he will put together an unforgettable experience for you.

North or South, Lisbon or Porto, airport pick up to drop off, never a moment’s worry. Only one adventure after another. Do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Sepehr Steven Maxood - Seattle, California USA

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We never could have imagined a better experience and vacation!!! Everyone needs to experience @surfwinetours!! Mario is amazing and it was a trip of a lifetime!!

Kara Krushin - Napa, California USA

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